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geckos cry

14 Aug

Geckos cry
like turtles

Squirrels cry
like birds

and I sing
like ………?

I wonder.


I wonder who designed me this way;

I wonder who designed things
so that no blood is spilt
when a cat eats a gecko;

I wonder who designed
the mosquitoes to live on blood;

I wonder who designed
those bugs to jump into the fire,
those ants to walk into the water,
things to happen as they happen;

I wonder.

hurt and sadness

14 Aug

When I accepted that I was actually hurt, I thought about it a lot, but I came to the conclusion that there is not so much anger inside me. It was just pain and sadness; In some way I am relieved. I am glad I am having sadness than resentment.

But yes, when you have both anger and sadness, sadness is way better and appears beautiful. But when you only have sadness, you see it is not as good as it seemed.

Anyway, we can only work on what we can. As many others will say, things are so intense in India; all the friendships I have had outside this country seem so normal… in reality, there were many dramas for each of them; but that’s how you’d feel.

I think I’m coming to a stage to learn to handle things even in severe situations. I didn’t come to India for spirituality. It was for the arts, and the nature. Yet I am ending up learning a lot about LIFE… in a way you can never elsewhere. So I guess you may say I am happy.