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20 Jun

On my Japanese blog, I feel I write too much, But on this blog, I feel I should write more. We need to keep the momentum, or some really simple things become really difficult to carry out. I have not even written here that I started learning some Baul songs, in addition to Sopana and Carnatic music. I have only learned a few songs, and a part of me claims it is better to keep it to myself for now, but I also feel it has already become a part of my being that I need to declare it in order to talk about myself.

This morning I thought I would name my existence; i.e. call myself what I want to be like. I think it is a mediator between cultures that I want to be. I mean at a personal level. Teaching is my gift, but if you look at the art of teaching closely, it is really about coming between a person(s) and what is being taught. So to become that bridge is what I have talent in. Then I am perhaps already a mediator, but being conscious of that fact may help me leading my life that tends to get dews in the mist.

I still sometimes wish I could go back to an academic environment. The smell of literature in good academic books trigger such instinct in me. Yet, I also know that it will not be as comfortable as it used to be, nor as it seems when you dream about it. I am selfish enough to long for more and more freedom, yet lazy enough to avoid fighting. No more struggles and fights after my year-and-a-half long experience of belonging to a company. No more.

So how will I go? You’ll see! Well, I hope you will see, and I will see. But I am a mediator between cultures, that is clear. May I not get lost too further!