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Singing in the rain

15 Feb

Rain during the night is lovely. Especially the ones that are still pouring in the early morning, and leave as the world gathers more light. We thought the dry season has come much earlier than expected, but some rain is happening in the past couple of days, and it has been lovely.

I moved houses. The new house at first reminded me my friends’ houses in Canberra. A pretty organic pretty little house. I have a balcony where I can sing and write and skype. The influence the abode has to your life is tremendous; I am being reminded. I am feeling much more secure and free now. I am happy. I just have to neatly put my stuff into where it should be.

Some people talk about the mathematical beauty of the South Indian music. I never really understood it till recently. Well, only started to. Perhaps it is easier to get it with percussions, but in vocal training, you need to get to the improvisation stage to understand its mathematic aspect. That’s how I feel. How to fit the notes into set Thalams (rhythmic entity) is quite mathematic in nature. So I am finally starting to get some feeling of it.

When I look back, I was always into patterns. Here I am referring to the visual patterns. I used to draw a lot. Not as a design, but as a part of my leisure illustrations; as a filler of the space, I drew them without thinking much. Patterns are all about combinations, which too are pretty mathematic in nature, so perhaps such tendency of mine is connecting to my present interest in South Indian music. A friend of mine recently wrote that patterns can be all spelled out in mathematics, which also connects to philosophy.

One thing sure is that the world is getting more and more interesting for me, despite all that are happening in the world.