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21 Sep

I am feeling the heartbeat;
Not the first time, so I know what it is.
Now is the crucial time in my life, when my decision extends its influence to the rest of my life.
The first was when I decided to go to Australia, where I spent four and a half years.
The second was last year, when I decided to look for a job in Kerala.
This is the third time.
There is a difference from the past two times;
I am honestly not sure which way to take.
In the past, the moment I came up with the idea, the moment heartbeat struck my whole sensory organs,
I already knew which path to take.
There might have been regrets and sacrifice that I had to make,
But there was nothing that could prevent me to go further.
Yet now, I do not know the way to take.
Options are there, and both are spread in front of me, like garlands.
Both are splendid and seem to fit me well;
Though both will certainly be hot and cold and uncontrollable.
So my heartbeat is still going on, throughout day and night.
I hope I will survive.
Still unable to decide.
The sensation is continuing.