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At the end of an overnight train

6 Apr

From the night the fields come out,
comes out out of the mist,
the coconut trees and paddie fields
from the other world of night,
regains shapes and then colours…
out of the night


I should probably declare that I am much happier than before, now.
I’m getting to know new people, and such a simple fact is giving me much peace.
I’ve been struggling to deal with the ‘class differences’ existing here. Being a foreigner, I suppose for the middle class people here I am of their kind; but often I felt much more familiar with the sweeping ladies, who always give me nice bright smiles and whose mannerism somehow attracts me.

Still the future is in the darkness and mostly invisible. But I don’t think so much of death these days, so I guess that is a good sign… it may only mean that I am overly busy to get caught up with such nonsense… now I often work more than ten hours a day. I enjoy the work, so that is okay… the rest of the time I think of music. I mean, songs.

On the way to my friends’ house from the station, I always see stray dogs, jack fruit trees, mango trees, and even ostriches. I wish my mind condition will one day reach a state where I can put all these things into poems… right now, my mind is only capable of absorbing; not yet apt to output in poetic forms.

(c)2012 Tomomi